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Piece Carpets

Carpets are eastethicaly nice and practical complements of the room. We have a large stock of classic, modern, children and luxirous shaggy woolen carpets. All carpest are photographed in our store and we have a stock of 90% of all the carpets. 

Piece Carpets
Piece Carpets
Piece Carpets

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Price: 0 €2450 €

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2 450 €

Long side: 60 cm500 cm

60 cm
500 cm

Short side: 40 cm300 cm

40 cm
300 cm

Practical and beautifull, these are the carpets. We have hundreds of them in stock, they are fitting to the children's room, living room or bedroom. There is nothing better then waking up, climbing down the bed and stepping up on a nice piece of carpet.